About me and My Little Pink Shed

My Little Pink Shed

My Little Pink Shed is about re-cycling, upcycling, re-purposing and giving things a new lease of life, whether they are old pieces of furniture, picture frames, random household items or pallets of wood. These could be things that you own already and choose to commission me to transform for you or a ‘seek and find commission’ where I source a style or type of furniture for you and work on it. Much of my work involves chalk painting furniture which I discovered via a friend, love it! I spend most of my child free time recycling, upcycling, updating whatever I can find that needs a new lease of life.

Re-use, Repurpose, Recycle

Each piece is individual it depends on the item as to what I do with it, I’m not going to say: ‘the item talks to me’ but I have a fair idea when I buy, scavenge or get given something, what I am going to do with it.

I have simply run out of room in the workshop for all the bit and bobs I have gathered along the way, hence I need more space and so I bought a shed and to cheer it up I decided to paint it pink and so ‘My Little Pink Shed’ was born.

Almost 2 years after finishing my first piece for a friend I have decided to make it into a business, just part-time but hoping to be full-time when small children are a bigger….and that’s pretty much where I am now.

‘My Little Pink Shed’ was born

Me doing what I do best… pottering in My Little Pink Shed!!! I love what I do , I really do have the best job in the world!!!! My imagination can run wild when creating bespoke pieces of artwork from upcycled materials, literally I have a shed (and garage, and additional sheds….) full of materials, paint and umptine tools for creating, including a pink drill which is mine all mine!!!

Life before ‘My Little Pink Shed’…

When I left school I did Art and Design Foundation, then went on to BA (Hons) 3D Design WMP, Wood Metal and Plastics grad 2002, amongst many new skills I learnt welding, brazing, metal working, plastics, fibre glassing, casting resins, mould making and wood turning.Graduated and got married 2003. First house, project house (learnt many new practical skills) the basics first, wall paper stripping, filling, painting, plumbing, concreting, then the more challenging plastering, bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting, tiling and so on. My knowledge and love of tools ever expanding.

Finished the house so bought woodturning lathe to put in cellar workshop, loads of fun.

Moved to another project house with a lovely large garage, more wallpaper stripping, plastering, painting, stud wall building, plumbing, chasing wall out for cables for rewiring, workshop installing…2 children later, house renovations ongoing.